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You're about to discover what might be the most amazing and powerful UNCENSORED PSYCHO METHOD SECRETS ever created for achieving durable Muscle Mass & Strength Gains quickly!!!



By: Dennis B. Weis
Personal Bodybuilding Coach, Best Selling Author, Of Bodybuilding Article(s) & Book(s)


Are you down in the dumps with your lack of bodybuilding training because you can’t gain any real muscle mass?  ?  If so you’ve probable reached a crisis boiling point.


Are you ready to get started on an enormously powerful, fool-proof, training breakthrough to propel your muscle mass gains through the roof and in the process build a body that will bring you, FAME instead of SHAME?


Hey Bro, Do you bust your proverbial butt, training like a madman, in the gym (burning almost every gram of glycogen in your body in the process), eat fit foods, maybe even spend a small fortune on million dollar scam supplements advertised in the popular muscle magazines WITH MIXED RESULTS...follow the sometimes OUT OF BOUNDS self-defeating and conflicting bodybuilding champ’s training program that you read about, AGAIN WITH MIXED RESULTS...getting only mediocre gains?


The Messy Business Of Human Emotional Disturbances SUCKS; Especially When You Feel Like Going And Crawling Under A Rock Somewhere!!!




C:\Users\Dennis\Desktop\Man Laughing.jpegLight on charisma, rather than applauding you, do people act surprised, then…chucklegigglelaugh out loud…and sneer when they hear that you work out with the heavy iron?  Secretly humiliated (hoping those full of CRAP bunghole Dream Breaker Pirates will quit stealing your dreams about what you are accomplishing as a bodybuilder) do you try to save face and end the surprise and laughter by admitting you don’t have the best genetic code for becoming a mighty-muscled bodybuilder.


No Matter What. No Matter How Hard You Try.  Do You Feel Caught Up In The . . .





If you are in a state of doubt, imagining you are doomed to go through life as nothing more than a worthless piece of “dead bird” road kill-forget it! STRIKE BACK!!! Accept No Excuses Only Results; End Your Worries And Start Making Progress!!! 


Time Is Of The Essence. Don’t Waste Years & Lots Of Money Like Many Do!!!


Invent The Wheel - CartoonI understand your dilemma...Many of you lived it for years, like I alluded too, buying every, reinvent the wheel, training manual written that claims to work... getting all the magazines every month, looking for the secret of muscles unlimited. . .


And the compensation for all of this time, money and tiring work? NOTHING!!! You are still not any bigger or stronger!! In fact you probable feel like you are shriveling into oblivion. There is a way to get bigger and stronger without destroying your health (facial skin tone has a piss complected appearance) with dose-dependent Down ‘n Dirty anabolic steroids.


I have been a published iron game journalist and author for nearly 35+ years and one of the most frequent questions I am asked is “What are some of the most radical and perhaps bizarre methods you have ever heard of for building fabulous muscle mass & strength while losing body fat? There are at least half dozen radical methods I can quickly think of, one being the intoxicating Bulgarian Style Training but the most thought provoking one in my opinion is the optimum advantage amazingly successful. . .culture shock Re-Orientation ANABOLIC BURST CYCLING SYSTEM.


Have you ever wondered how some guys have such an easy time putting on solid, rock-hard muscle mass? And they can add this new size in just a matter of weeks without putting on any bulking fat in the process? If so, I’d like to show you how.


But first, I’d like to share with you 4 Muscle Mass Building Secrets that will absolutely guarantee fast muscle growth….real secrets that have taken many years to figure out with the help of a maverick Swedish scientist that I’ll tell you more about later on.


You’ll need to pay very close attention though because these 4 Insider Tips could be the difference between getting the “Smart Body” of your dreams, or continuing the battle against hard gainer genetic code (being an under developed-weaker-than-need-be-“Dumb Body”) that makes it extremely difficult to put on solid muscle mass.

4-Muscle Mass Building Secrets Finally Revealed…Now

Yours to Profit From.


C:\Users\Dennis\Documents\Misc Bodybuilding Graphic and Photo Scans A-R\Bob Burke - B.jpghttp://leanhybridmuscle.com/go/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/4masssecrets14.png

Look, the fact IS that you are going to have to eat some hefty amounts of food if you want to gain muscle mass.

The double edge sword of the “Muscle Bulking Diet” is that you need it to gain mass, but it ultimately causes you to accumulate a layer of nasty fat too.

Not to mention the fact you’re ashamed to take your shirt off around people that have never heard of “bulking up”. As if adding this layer of fat just to gain some new muscle wasn’t bad enough it’s just not healthy and can lead to problems like “insulin resistance”.


The absolute worst part about following a “muscle bulking diet” is the fact that eventually you have to cut that layer of fat and will probably cannibalize and lose a majority of the muscle you fought so hard for.


But did you know that “cycling” your muscle bulking diets in 14 day intervals causes you to ONLY take advantage of the muscle building benefits of the diet but WITHOUT much of a fat gain?




C:\Users\Dennis\Documents\Misc Bodybuilding Graphic and Photo Scans A-R\Chip Sigmon #1.jpghttp://leanhybridmuscle.com/go/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/mass-secret21.png


When calories are increased dramatically during a 14 day window of extreme (anabolic) overfeeding it stimulates the body’s natural production of anabolic hormones (testosterone, growth hormone, insulin and IGF1-levels), which reignites the body’s dimly-lit metabolic coals and  leads to awesome muscle mass growth and wildly increased strength when coupled with extreme workouts and infinite cardio.



At the peak of the anabolic hormonal spike maximum muscle cell hydration loading occurs with an intake of fluids, glycogen and amino acids.


Around day 14 the anabolic hormone spike adapts to the imposed demands of overfeeding of macronutrients (proteins, carbs and fats) and training and as a result output fades and stabilizes at a very high level.


Now here is the interesting part. A recent discovery in Sweden by an eccentric research scientist named Dr. Akerfeldt found that a secondary hormonal spike could be initiated not by another 14 day dose of extreme (anabolic) overfeeding but rather a very precise continuous 14 days of extreme (anti-catabolic) underfeeding (8-10 calories per pound of bodyweight daily).









C:\Users\Dennis\Desktop\Watch - Pocket.jpegYou’ve got to rotate out high calorie (over feeding) phases and low calorie (under feeding) phases with PRECISION timing. If we miscalculate anything we can destroy the natural anabolic cycle and end up gaining too much fat.


This is where many bodybuilders personally go wrong for years, costing them tons of lost time and embarrassment.


Most guys trying to gain muscle mass, eat pretty clean and made sure to consume enough calories BUT they are eating at the wrong times.


This part of the equation is SO important that if you Screw this up and you can forget about EVER building a lean, massive, muscular body that demands respect and attention.













This simple method for building muscle mass rapidly could save you years of pain-staking agony!

Lucky for you I am going to share with you the specific unorthodox and potentially revolutionary secret world insights of the credible and effective muscle mass and strength strategies of the ANABOLIC BURST (Caloric) CYCLING SYSTEM invented by an eccentric Swedish doctor.





A Thousand Swedes Ran Through The Weeds, Chased By One Norwegian?



And Neither Will You, Regardless Of Your Ethnic Origin, If You Take The Time Too. . .





Learn The Fiery Arsenal Of Superior And Highly Secretive Muscle Mass Nutrition &Training Methods Used By Sweden’s Peak Elite Supermen Of Bodybuilding And Experience A New Beginning For Your Muscles!


Reel In” Your  Share Of Eye-Popping Muscle Mass And One Day Stand Shoulder to Shoulder with the Mastodon’s of Muscle Mass & Strength.








Any Bodybuilder Who Has An Unparalleled Commitment And Motivation To Understand The Following Calorie-Induced Feedings And Training Approach Will Surely Be Rewarded With An Increase In Muscle Mass.


Finally The, Re-Orientation, Breakthrough That Will Surprise And Amaze You, For Gaining Flashing Action Muscle Mass & Strength Quickly.

This is a system of acute “calorie-induced” cycling (aka-“whiplash” calorie cycling) and was developed at Uppsala University in Sweden by fly-under-the-radar Dr. Torbjorn (pronounced Tor-b-yorn) Akerfeldt, a Swedish research scientist (in endocrinology, physiology, pharmacology and nutrition) and real-world bodybuilder, (6’ 1”, 225 lbs., with 8% body fat).


The Out of the Dark Ages Bold new, never before made public . . . ANABOLIC BURST (Caloric) CYCLING SYSTEM as espoused by the acclaimed Dr. Akerfeldt was brought to the attention of bodybuilding America in1997 independently by Lester S. Maurice of Matrix Systems and Bill Phillips, founder and editor-in-chief of Muscle Media 2000 magazine. 



Bill tapped into the wealth of knowledge of the brilliant UNIVERSITY EDUCATOR Dr.  Akerfeldt and conducted an extensive, under the microscope, 5 hour, honest-spontaneous and accurate, telephone interview regarding all aspects of the hailed ANABOLIC BURST (Caloric) CYCLING SYSTEM.  Bill then published a superbly written & researched 4 part, “No Holds Barred”, interview titled: Get Ready to Grow BIG TIME, in Muscle Media 2000 magazine.



The basic premise of the unbiased ANABOLIC BURST (Caloric) CYCLING SYSTEM (ABCS) suggest that when calories are increased dramatically (1,500-2,500 over a daily calorie maintenance level) during a 14 day window of extreme (anabolic) overfeeding it stimulates the body’s natural production of anabolic hormones (testosterone, growth hormone, insulin and IGF1-levels), which leads to magnificent muscle mass growth and wildly increased strength when coupled with extreme workouts and infinite cardio.


Change The Whole Fiber Of Your Being By Forging An Incredible 5-6 Pounds Of Solid, Rock-Hard Muscle Mass In 14 Days!


This Is NO Fantasy,

This Is The Candid Straight-Forward


About, No Limitations-No Barriers Nutrition & Training,

For A Solid Future in Muscle Mass Gains


Over the next two weeks, you will use a diet and training program that will transform your physique and allow you to gain 5-6 pounds of steel-muscle mass!!! The diets and training routines are not like anything that you have ever read or heard about.



C:\Users\Dennis\Documents\Misc Bodybuilding Graphic and Photo Scans A-R\Bear - Grizzle.jpegThe savage program from Sweden, which some say is “Puke-worthy” for adding muscle mass quickly, is a Bear, but, boy it is worth the hard work especially if you want to be numbered among the new macho KING’S of STEEL-MUSCLE MAJESTY!


People will most likely make comments about how much bigger you are getting and how good you look...You’ll start to feel better about yourself. You’ll not only feel better because you now look like a bodybuilder, but you’ll also felt better because you have achieved a personal victory. You learn how to overcome a struggle that had been holding back your progress for years!


A lot of guys in the gym can’t help but notice the dramatic change in your physique and will start asking questions. Some wise guy(s) might ask “What are you on?” You’ll laugh at that, and without engaging in verbal fisticuffs (about performance drug use/analysis of the pros and cons), offer some quick . . .



Take Care Of Your Health And Get The Muscle-Mass Building Results Of ANABOLIC STEROIDS…With










With Practically NO FAT Gained!


Doorway To Gains



Gain 5-6 Pounds Of Muscle Mass In 14 Days”  . . .


Opens The Door To Powerful ‘Time-Tested’ Bodybuilding Secrets: Strange (But Powerful) Tips, Tricks & Techniques For Solving Many Of Your Problems Of Gaining Muscle Mass!!!



This Reader Benefits INSTANT eBOOK Contains MANY

C:\Users\Dennis\Documents\Misc Bodybuilding Graphic and Photo Scans A-R\Key - Graphic.jpeg


?  A powerful & dynamic authenticated INTENSE hardcore-style training program

     that has been proven effective for decades. (This program has been a closely

     guarded secret weapon by those in-the-know from years past and it works just as

     well today!)


?How to use a special, totally legal supplement called “White Magic”, which will help

   pack on slabs of muscle.


? “Old school hormone enhancement [Supplements Of Anabolic Action That Work]:

     Sneaky methods for skyrocketing GH & Test”


?How to produce the exact adrenalin stimulus needed for incremental muscle

   mass stimulation increases every training session and sidestep the surprising

   potential culprit…self destruct over-training...and under- training!!!  Plus the

   irrefutable Overnight Dexamethasone Suppression Test


 ? A simple training technique for eliminating the momentum factor (which is the kill

     switch of muscular tension) during the execution of each and every rep of  a set.


PLUS….many more cleverovercome the gravity resistance barrier field’ training and

   diet secrets. Every hard training bodybuilder who is not making the kind of gains

   desired needs to read this informative, empowering, lift-your-spirits information. 


Hundreds of average guys like yourself are taking advantage of this carefully guarded information every week and transforming their flat, skinny bodies into powerful, heavily-muscled, attention-getting physiques...shouldn’t you find out why?

Be the first at your gym to embrace these powerful time-tested truths of muscle building and finally start making the kind of gains you’ve been dreaming about!!!


Written For The Recovery-Retarded Bodybuilder Who Wants To Build Muscle Mass . . . FAST!!!


C:\Users\Dennis\Documents\Misc Bodybuilding Graphic and Photo Scans A-R\Freddy Ortiz - Overhead Pose.jpgThe clear and concise confidential information, Known To Only 1 Person in 25,000, in this once-in-a-lifetime bodybuilding eBook is different! It’s written with the understanding of the frustration you feel with your lack of progress by . . .


 . . . someone who knows how to pack beef on an average guy...and has carefully researched, tested, and prepared this bodybuilding package specifically for You, a genetically average guy who doesn’t want to look average anymore!


Half Of Getting What You Want

Is Knowing What You Have To Give Up To Get It.

$100.00 Bill - One Half

Most bodybuilders would be willing to give plenty to get their hands on this powerhouse course which (includes priceless “weapons for muscle mass construction”) would be a steal if priced at over $100.00 (even though it’s LESS THAN HALF THAT COST!). . .


If You Know What You Want, Take Action, And Don’t Let Doubts Stand In Your Way . . .You Can Be On Your Way To Making PRISON BIG, AKA-Goliath Like, Muscle Mass Gains In 14 Days!


Since I know that you will be anxious to start on your new program right away...I’m waiting for your order and the very day I receive it, I will provide a download link so that you can get started immediately!





Order Now And Start Building New Muscle Mass Right Away With One Of The Most Credible And Effective Launch Point Training Systems On Earth!


START ENJOYING YOUR TRAINING INSTEAD OF DREADING IT.  Don’t waste any more time following cancel the gain factor routines that aren’t going to give you the highest possible percentage of the muscle mass and strength you’ve always wanted.


Limited copies of “Gain 5-6 Pounds Of Muscle Mass In 14 Days” are available now for worldwide use.


So What's the Bottom Line?
How Much Does This Complete Program Cost?


Order within the next 10 days for a, WITHOUT PAYING A FORTUNE, dirt cheap price of only...$29.99.


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Expect To Gain 5-6 LBS of Thrilling Muscle Mass

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The challenge for the ordinary bodybuilder is how to get extraordinary results in muscle mass & strength growth in an explosive way quickly and, with a minimal accumulation of body fat. Can it be done? Yes, with a bold, move in for the kill, approach. Put aside your ideas of conventional eating and training and dare to go with me on a bold journey to startling increases in both muscle mass and strength with very little fat accumulation.










Monumental Publishing Achievement!

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The Moment You Open This

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Bodybuilding eBook, A Full Scope Of Powerful

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Dennis B. Weis Comments: Upon doing the re-orientation hardcopy research, and end the 15 year GOT BURIED mass media blackout, of the acclaimed ANABOLIC BURST (Caloric) CYCLING SYSTEM, aka- Gain 5-6 Pounds Of Muscle Mass In 14 Days I was pleasantly surprised to find much of the information (today) still has the same dedicated muscle mass gain potential just as I remembered it to be long ago.









Here’s even more of what’s revealed in the easy to understand and easy to put into action Gain 5-6 Pounds Of Muscle Mass In 14 Days


[+] The 14 Day Overfeeding Epic Meal Plan Complete With Synchronistic Eating


[+] 19-Extreme (Anabolic) Overfeeding Nutrition Action Steps

[+] 12 High Performance Support Nutritionals You Need To Gain Muscle Mass

[+] 3 Muscle-Boosting Protein Shake Recipes which includes: “Bonzai Shake”,

      Vince Gironda “EURO- BLAST Drink Secret” and the “Spartan Shake”           

[+] The 14 Day Extreme ‘Rapid Response’ Myofibril-Mitochondria Zone Workout Plan

[+] 15 Extreme (Anabolic) Muscle Mass Training Action Steps

[+] The 14 Day Underfeeding Meal Plan Complete With Synchronistic Meal Timing

[+] 12-Extreme ((Anti-Catabolic) Underfeeding Nutrition Action Steps

[+] 5-Mega Potent Supplement Nutritionals

[+] The Extreme (day 15-28) “Fat Burning-Muscle Protecting” Workout Plan

[+]  3 Preferred Riding The Wave Of Lipolysis Cardio Routines

[+] Two Little Known Secrets For Improving The Circulation-Stressing Cardio



The Expanded Uncut Version of Gain 5-6 Pounds Of Muscle Mass In 14 Days is saturated with ‘unleash the floodgates’ NEW key topic’s not included in previous printings.





[+] One More Time Anabolic Burst (Caloric) Cycling System

[+] 6 One Exercise Only Per Muscle Group Workouts

[+] 3-Second Iso-Reps

[+] Power Matrix 4-Set Pyramid

[+] 5-Set Anabolic Trigger Workout

[+] Spetsnaz (Russian) Leg Toughener

[+] 15 Day Intensity Manipulation Chart

[+] The Other Side Of The Anabolic Burst Cycling System

[+] Infinitely Variable18 Week Phase Period Training + Soviet Super-Position Training

[+] Old School Secret Exercise For Building Triceps Mass

[+] Hard Gainer Genetic Lottery Code Breakers-14 Factors Which Can Hinder Muscle

     Mass & Strength And The Dominating Solutions


This ‘discover your personal limits and excel beyond’ No-Frills SOLID, PROVEN program utilizes six aggressive heavy iron ‘ultimate training sessions’ workout schedules, two different sacred adventure eating approaches (what to eat-when to eat-how much to eat), and two resilient cardio plans all of which will ACTUALLY COMPEL THE STUBBORNEST OF MUSCLES TO GROW IN A VERY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME AND WITH A MINIMUM OF BODY FAT ACCUMULATION.


That’s right!


It’s really an easy road; once you begin to implement the muscle mass advantage strategies contained in this can’t miss information dense eBook.


Don’t Let The Shackles Of The Fear Of Failure Unnerve You!


These strategies will eliminate guess work, anguish and frustration and help you stay Motivated-instead of Indifferent, Confident-instead of Embarrassed and . . .


  . . . Committed (when you are committed to a task you have the courage and character to do it time after time when it’s not always convenient)-instead of Interested (when you are just interested in doing a task, you do it only when it’s convenient) to achieving your goal of gaining muscle mass.  I want you to SUCCEED FOR YOURSELF!








Join me now as I share with you the ‘cream’ of many years of research and experience for gaining 5-6 Pounds Of Muscle Mass In 14 Days.  For MORE MUSCLE MASS OPPORTUNITIES you need The MAGIC of this best Captured-In-Print re-birth of big gains instructional eBook.



P.S. “Gain 5-6 Pounds Of Muscle Mass In 14 Days” is a completely downloadable definitive major reference e-Manual. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to download all product components onto your computer. The format for the manual is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.


Order NOW and get the following 4 FREE bonus tell-all eReports and be prepared to know and grow even more!


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C:\Users\Dennis\Desktop\Bodybuilder - Joe DeAngelis.jpeg













E-BOOK: GAIN 5-6 POUNDS OF MUSCLE MASS IN 14 DAYS for $29.99 I’ll include the following 4 eReports as free bonuses:


The Buoy headed skeptic might scream that a gain of 5-6 Pounds of Muscle Mass in 14 Days is a case of “Sounds Too Good to Be True” and nearly an impossibility since it very difficult to gain that much muscle mass in a year, let alone in 14 Day.


The following eReport will reveal how it is possible to gain than 5-6 pounds of muscle mass and even more in less than one month.


pumping-cover2Pack Your Muscles Ws W

#1: Massive Muscle Pumping

"Gain 25 lbs in A 21-Day Mass Up Cycle"


AND Gain 25 lbs. In 21-Days!

Can a Person Gain Over 1 Pound of Muscle Density a Day?

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(Take absolute control of your reactive training life before it’s too late). If you are looking for hard-core hellish gains in size and strength that are immediate and dramatic, then definitely read the following message carefully.  It can and will change your training gains ratio immediately.


Massive Muscle Pumping (MMP) Gain 25 Pounds In 21-Days… is a (Mega gaining database formula)” e-Report which contains the most dynamic and unorthodox advanced training principles available NOW.. The revolutionary training techniques revealed within this (Mega-gain) e-Report (are beyond normal) by 21st-century training standards.  But you are not looking for (low level time factored) training results; you are looking for (advanced bio-reactive instant forced gaining potential).  Now you too can become (genetically more anabolically reactive naturally), stronger and more massive than you ever dreamed!  Your EXPLOSIVE MUSCLE GROWTH (EMG Index) will be so impressive that no one will believe that you are anabolic drug-free.


(Face it) your dream has been to build the mind-boggling size of a true genetic freak pro-bodybuilder and up to now it has been just that; a dream!  Your dream will soon become a reality as you discover the impeccable workout techniques, vital training secrets and stealth nutritional concepts that one New York bodybuilder named Richard Simons used to smash all his former puny barriers, which was crippling his training progress. And in the process he gained “25 Pounds In 21-Days”.


In this exciting NO BULL 100 page (Mega-gain) e-report your pulse (will start its first stage of pre-pump) as (you read) and learn about such hardcore (and Bodybuilding results biotech time barrier crashing) information as:



ü       Mind Power Doctrine of an Iron Warrior (How to master Mental (Control  Hyperactive Cognition MCHC)



ü       Ten (Barrier Smashing) Tips for Gaining Muscular Body Weight

ü       Egg/Red Wine concoction (appetite stimulant)

ü       Unique “7” Week Calorie Blitz Method

ü       Vince Grionda’s  “3” Natural Anabolic Secrets 

ü       Euro-Blast Weight Gaining Big Secret!

ü       7-Get Mass Blender Shake Recipes



ü       3-Month Illustrated Advanced Exercise Course

ü       Anabolic Mega Vitamin/Mineral Regime





Make a Remarkable Metamorphosis 25 Pound

Weight Gain in Just 21-Days!


Richard Simons says that it has been his experience that those individuals who don’t find results with system (espoused in this Mega-gain e-Report), are looking for a magic bullet to make them big and are not willing to go to the gym on a regular basis and put forth a valiant effort and determination that bodybuilding success demands.


Fortunately, there are hundreds and thousands of you hard-core bodybuilders who are committed to improving their physique.  You are the individuals for whom I developed this e-Report.

If you want and need the massive muscular physique of a (21st-century) True Iron Warrior then ‘lock and load’ and let’s ‘rock and roll into your new massive future. Don’t waste anymore valuable time.  This complete (Mega-Gain) 100 page e-Report pays off big.







#2: Armed Power Now! 


Stimulate your arms to grow faster by learning the secret exercises and techniques for developing massively veined and ripped arms fast the anabolic steroid-free way!   The foundation of this ‘look and react system’ e-Report features 3 of the GREATEST “Almost Illegal” UPPER ARM ROUTINES of all time. 


Follow the powerful and comprehensive information in this no miracle fairy tale e-report and experience some incredible results in upper arm development that reads like Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!  In fact your gains will be so impressive no one will believe that you are drug-free!



#3: Fabulous Forearms 


HEY! “Whatever happened to Popeye type forearms that wreaked with  power and blood vessel integrity and scared the hell out of common man when he viewed them…nefariously, as they blipped and blimped out of a long sleeve shirt rolled up to the elbow.”  “Yeah…those were forearms…and they were the kind that could lock and load a nasty fist full of knuckles to make a point when necessary.” 


If you imagine that you are doomed to go through life with really skinny forearms forget it!!!


This e-Report reveals in detail how the immortal Strong Men and Canadian lumberjacks developed their wrists of steel-spring tendons and ALL-TIME RECORD SIZE rugged forearms. 


See your forearm muscles glow with robust power, unprecedented muscular size, delineated shape and your wrists thicken with steel-like sinews.


There are “7” fearless and boldly exposed forearm routines outlined in this power talent e-Report that will hurl a challenge at you with their every use.


The reward of dynamic POWERFUL forearms with eye catching shape and definition can be yours if you take ACTION.  Don’t fail yourself!  Everything you need to know for creating a living monument of forearm greatness is contained in this amazing 5, 658 word e-Report.



#4: World Class Benching

“Ken Lain’s Record Breaking Crusade in the Bench Press” 


Add 25 pounds or more to Your Bench Press GUARANTEED!  That’s right!  In less than 65 days you will be bench pressing 25 or more than what you are currently capable of.  That is if you follow the advice of Ken Lain, one of the premier bench pressers in the world and a member of the exclusive “700 Club” in that lift. Ken was the first man to set all time world record (bench press) lifts in the three heaviest weight classes: 242-pounds, 275-pounds and super heavyweight.


One of Ken’s success components for ultimate training is the bold and revolutionary 10 Week Matrix Bench Press Program and Ken reveals it in this special interview e-report. This is your golden opportunity to DOMINATE and blast mountains of heavy iron in the bench press like never before.  Caution: Side effects may include: Wide-Load Shoulders, 18” arms and a 50” chest.


Bonus Feature:  How Pat Casey became the first man in power lifting history to bench press 600-pounds back in the 1960’s























Jim Rohn



“Gain 5-6 Pounds Of Muscle Mass In 14 Days”

Is the one bodybuilding eBook every savvy bodybuilder

should have as a CLOSE PAL nearby as a means to

Vaccinate yourself against the

Plateaus in the gaining of muscle mass.


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If real muscle mass and a TRULY IMPRESSIVE AND POWERFUL PHYSIQUE are what you want then . . .







Here’s What Bodybuilders have said about Gain 5-6 Pounds Of Muscle Mass In 14 Days, AKA- The Anabolic Burst Cycling



“The presentation of the Anabolic Burst Cycling of Diet and Exercise (ABCDE) System, for me, has been the most result-producing program and the most valuable concept I’ve ever come across in any bodybuilding publication. I have followed the recommendations exactly as presented, and after struggling for 2 years to add muscle size to my 5’9″, 164-lb frame, with high-intensity training, and every conceivable protein supplement, this hardgainer went up to 175 lbs during the first complete cycle and up to 184 with the second cycle (a 20-lb increase in just 2 months!). This program is incredible!” 

T. M. Oak Park, IL

“As a passionate (and somewhat frustrated) bodybuilder, I was thrilled to read your recent articles entitled ‘Get Ready to Grow, Big Time.’ I think these are the best nutrition articles I’ve read in any bodybuilding magazine ever! I was thrilled, partly because it made so much bottom-line nutritional sense. Also, I was excited because this was something I could try without investing a lot of money in supplements or trying to hook up with some Mexican steroid connection. I’ve been on the program for only two weeks, but I’ve already gained ten pounds, and I’m psyched!”  K. R. Philadelphia, PA

“I’m very impressed with the Anabolic Burst Cycling System. This Swedish scientist is a genius! I think it is great that bodybuilding has people like that teaching us how to build our bodies naturally. I’ve been on the program for one month and have already gained more new size and strength than I had in the past year!” J. D., Oklahoma City, OK

“I read about Torbjorn Akerfeldt’s ABCDE Program, and it makes perfect scientific sense. As I write this eLetter, I’ve just completed my first 2-week anabolic phase, followed by 14 days of strict dieting. I can’t believe how much different I look; neither can my friends!” D. C. Houston, TX

“After reading about this Anabolic Burst Cycling System, I decided to give it a try. Let me tell you, this system is no joke! I increased the strength in my pressing exercises by 15-30 lbs in just a few weeks. The bulking phase of the ABCDE left me with a huge increase in energy, too. And, I still have abs, even though I have been eating everything I can get my hands on. I plan to start the dieting phase Monday.” M. P.

The Stampede For Serious Muscle Mass Gains

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“Gain 5-6 Pounds Of Muscle Mass In 14 Days”


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C:\Users\Dennis\Documents\Files From Old Drive\Getting Bodybuilding Articles and Books Published I\Thank You.gif



Purchasing The eBook

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